We’re proud of everyone who is a part of the Good Return team. Our volunteers, board, members, employees, ambassadors and partners are essential to the impact and sustainability of our work and we thank everyone for their time, funding and talent.


Our team

We have 50 people who work at Good Return, half of these people are volunteers. Everyone who works at Good Return is passionate and works tirelessly to make the world a better place by working towards ending poverty.

Our Board

Our board provides strategic direction for Good Return and offers support across a number of sub-committees such as auditing, development effectiveness, and marketing and fundraising.


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Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are passionate, motivated, and empowering individuals who are looking to make a real difference in the world. They embrace Good Return’s values, vision, and mission while working to increase awareness of our work.

Our Corporate Partners

Our corporate partners are crucial to our success. From providing much-needed funding to offering pro bono expertise and perspective, our corporate partners give us the support and resources we need to serve communities in our region.



Our Social Investors

We’re grateful to our Social Investors for their support of our work aimed at empowering and giving a voice to the poorest communities of the Asia-Pacific region.


By making a donation, you can help low-income families build their financial capacity, and provide the tools they need to better manage their money and plan for the future.