Responsible Inclusive Finance

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Good Return helps their partners realise their social goals by providing them with technical and financial assistance, through the development and implementation of poverty tracking tools, building stronger client protection policies and practices, and creating positive customer experiences .


Client Protection Principles of the Smart Campaign

The seven client protection principles are the minimum standards to ensure access to finance is responsible and does no harm. These principles help institutions achieve high ethical standards and develop long lasting relationship with their clients. For more information, visit:

Good Return partners with the Smart Campaign to provide Smart Assessments and technical assistance to our financial service provider partners.


Our expertise lies in technical assistance in building staff capacities to achieve institution's social and financial goals

Good Return has conducted client protection assessments of:

  • CU Keling Kumang, Indonesia

  • NongHyup Finance, Cambodia

  • SPBD, Fiji

  • SECDEP, Philippines

Good Return has also provided technical assistance to secure Client Protection Certification of:

  • LOLC, Cambodia

  • Sathapana, Cambodia,

  • VisionFund, Cambodia

  • Kredit, Cambodia

  • VisionFund Lanka, Sri Lanka

Social Performance Management (SPM)

The USSPM are “management standards” that help institutions achieve their social mission. These management standards consist of best practices “created by and for people in the microfinance”. For more information, visit their website:

The Cerise SPI 4 Tool, enables institutions to assess and improve their social, environmental and financial performance in line with the USSPM. For more information, visit their website:


Our Expertise

  • Institutional social audits using CERISE SPI4

  • Capacity development

  • Revision of vision, mission, goals and objectives

  • Development of triple bottom line (Financial, Social and Environmental) strategies and business plans

  • Technical assistance to achieve social mission

Our Experience – Highlights

  • Social and environmental assessment of CUKK in Indonesia

  • Supporting the revision of vision, mission and objectives of LOLC in Cambodia

USSPM - English - Video

GDS - Espagnol - Video

NUGPS - Francais - Video

Poverty Targeting, Measurement, & Tracking

PPI is a poverty targeting, measurement and tracking tool for institutions with a mission of poverty alleviation. With the help of the PPI, institution integrate objective poverty data into planning, delivery and decision making both at programmatic and strategic levels.

For more information, visit their website:


Our Expertise

  • Management of the PPI development

  • PPI field testing and users reviews

  • PPI Training of Trainers

  • Institutionalization of the PPI

Our Experience – Highlights
Good Return promoted and supported the PPI in six countries. Some of our work is:

  • Management of the PPI development in Fiji, Nepal and Cambodia

  • Sector level PPI Training of Trainers in Cambodia, Fiji and Nepal