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Responsible Microfinance - Community Bankers Program

Our partnership with St. Elizabeth Community Development Program (SECDEP) goes back to 2010.  After an initial focus on training in risk management and poverty tracking, we expanded our support to areas including credit management, governance and customer care. Training numbers have increased year-on-year, and more recently the focus has been on client protection.

Microloans - Lending Program

In the first year of our partnership with SECDEP, Good Return public lenders funded 246 loans. From year 2 we supported renewable energy loans for solar lighting and fuel-efficient cook stoves. This innovative campaign led to a surge in the demand and supply of loans, which reached 1,008 loans in 2013, to a value of $106,525.

Skills Development - Village Trainers Program

Commencing in 2010, we supported SECDEP to establish a client training unit, to coordinate and deliver financial education training to its women clients. Using a cascade training model, staff trainers train village trainers who then deliver training to their peers. Over the years since, the program has grown in scale and scope.

After an initial focus on managing debt wisely, and household budgeting, this program expanded to cover savings, sustainable agriculture, and small business management. A coaching program has also been established to provide follow-up coaching to assist trainees to incorporate and reinforce improved financial behaviours. In 2012-13 the program reached 183 trainers and 2265 village trainees in 2012-2013.