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Responsible Microfinance - Community Bankers Program

Nirdhan Utthan Bank, meaning ‘Bank for Upliftment of the Poor’, was one of our first Good Return partners back in 2009. After introducing current approaches to Social Performance Management to its management team in 2012, we agreed to train its staff to implement a pilot project in poverty data collection in 2013. Nirdhan used the PPI tool which we had updated and launched at a national microfinance conference in early 2013. By 2014, through a partnership with the Rural Microfinance Development Centre, we had rolled out PPI pilots across 19 different MFIs.

Microloans - Lending Program

When Good Return launched back in 2009, one of our first partners was Nirdhan Utthan Bank (“the bank for uplifting the poor”) in Nepal.  Nirdhan was established in 1998 and serves over 115,000  – all women – clients. During our four years of support, Good Return funded loans to 1,600 Nepalese borrowers to the value of approx AUD 500,000. In 2013, the partnership ended amicably as Nirdhan adjusted its client outreach strategies. We continue to work indirectly with them as we build a relationship with CMF, a national network of microfinance lenders in Nepal.

Skills Development - Village Trainers Program

From 2009 to 2013 we worked with World Education Nepal to develop and grow a program that trained women community members to train their peers in basic literacy and numeracy, financial literacy, and livelihood skills. The program reached over 4,500 rural women.