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Responsible Microfinance - Community Bankers Program

The partnership between Good Return and Keling Kumang Credit Union (CUKK) was established in 2012.

An initial institutional assessment identified priority areas for support. The concepts and approaches to Social Performance Management were presented and discussed with 37 staff and 2 board members. This led to the piloting of a poverty tracking scorecard with 40 staff trained. We also engaged with 10 staff to introduce an innovative environmental performance management tool.

Microloans - Lending Program

CUKK management agreed to use Good Return microloans to pilot a new type of loan focused on poorer community members.

In the first year of our partnership with CUKK, Good Return public lenders funded 58 of these microloans to a value of $9,975. 100% of loans were repaid.

Skills Development - Village Trainers Program

After conducting a client training needs assessment in 2012, we helped CUKK to establish a client training unit – focusing on financial education and sustainable agriculture.

12 CUKK staff trainers and 18 community trainers were trained to deliver financial literacy training, and this training was delivered to 206 CUKK clients in that first year. In addition, 5 staff were trained to deliver a farmer field school focused on sustainable oil palm production.