We are thrilled to announce Good Return will be partnering with recently launched Verve Super, so we can help women in some of the poorest communities in our region access resources and opportunities that can help them change their lives too.

Verve Super is Australia's first and only super fund wholly dedicated to building the wealth and financial power of women everywhere. For every new account opened with them, Verve Super will make a donation to Good Return to support the financial empowerment of women living in poverty. Our thanks to Verve Super’s co-founders Christina, Zoe and Alex for supporting the women of Good Return. Together we are working towards the financial empowerment of women everywhere.


Each year we send volunteer Field Support Officers to the countries we work to help deliver our programs.

It's a great opportunity to build your skills in the development sector while making a lasting impact on the lives of people living in poverty.

We're currently recruiting for our 2019 program: visit the link at Smart Recruiters to find out more!


The Good Return team in Phnom Penh were thrilled to host Peter Simpson and Peter Fitzgerald from Olbia, immersing them in our programs that are creating positive change in the most poverty-stricken areas of Cambodia. They experienced first-hand the impact their invaluable support has on the lives of Cambodian people through improving money management, entrepreneurship skills and overall financial wellbeing. Our Communications Officer Caitlin captured some of the highlights of their visit: