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People living in poverty are often forced to make difficult choices in times of need.

 Challenges like diseased livestock, drought, flooding or family illness can cost a family their life savings. If they lack financial reserves, there is nothing to fall back on to withstand even minor disasters. Without savings, these crises can mean a woman loses her business, a child is pulled from school or a family member can’t access medical treatment. 

Without access to the right lenders and the skills to manage money, people find themselves trapped. Our programs ensure that people have access to responsible microfinance to tide them over through hard times, while helping them build financial resilience when times are good. Whether the loans made through our loan platform are used for their business, to repair a roof or to pay for unexpected medical emergencies, they help people build family assets for the future.

Giving to Good Return is an investment, because our impact multiplies as it ripples through local financial institutions, their clients, families, businesses and communities. When you give to a person, you help that individual or their family just once. When you give to Good Return or lend through our platform, you invest in a self-sustaining financial and educational infrastructure, directly supporting the people and communities - now and in the future.

It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a global effort to help the child grow up free from poverty. It’s only possible if we collectively do something about it.

By making a donation, you can help low-income families build their financial capacity, and provide the tools they need to better manage their money and plan for the future.