People living in poverty are forced to make difficult choices in times of need. Challenges like diseased livestock, drought, flooding or family illness can cost a family its life savings. If they lack financial reserves, there is no cushion to withstand even minor disasters.  And without savings, these problems can mean a woman loses her business, a child is pulled from school or a family member can’t access medical treatment.

Without access to responsible microfinance and the skills to manage money, people find themselves trapped. Our programs ensure that people have access to responsible microfinance to tide them over through hard times, and help them build financial resilience when times are good. Whether our loans are used for their business, to repair a roof or to cover household emergencies, they help people build family assets for the future.

You can fund a Good Return loan in two ways. With a Standard Loan, your money goes to an individual borrower through their local microfinance institution (MFI). Once repaid, you can get your money back or keep re-lending.

A Donated Loan combines a standard loan and a tax deductible donation. At maturity, the funds are donated to Good Return, and re-invested into our programs.


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Who creates a Good Return Loan?

Our Microfinance Institution (MFI) Partners

Our MFI partners share our vision for a world without poverty. Funds generously contributed by the Australian public are sent to our MFI partners as interest-free capital. This helps them extend their services to the poorest communities and pilot innovative financial products for these clients.

Managing small accounts for people in isolated communities is an expensive business – so MFIs must charge enough interest to cover their costs. Profits are used for future growth, and invested in social as well as financial initiatives.


Our Community Bankers

Our Community Bankers deliver more than just loans. Savings accounts, money transfer, and insurance products are essential for people to begin their journey out of poverty.

Our bankers work to meet high standards in social responsibility, for example protecting clients from over-indebtedness, charging fair and transparent interest rates, or handling delinquencies or complaints in a sensitive manner. In times of crisis, some help out by providing disaster relief for customers and communities in need.


Our Borrowers

Loans are used for a wide range of commercial and household purposes. Most are for farming and business, such as investing in livestock and feed, fertilisers and seeds, fresh inventory for a village store, or new fishing nets. Others are for urgent needs like repairing a leaky roof or motorbike, paying school fees, or a medical emergency.