Introducing Good Return’s impact investing fund

Good Return is launching an impact investment fund with the aim of supporting economic development in low-income communities across the Asia Pacific region.

This fund enables socially minded investors to put their funds to use generating social impact by working with local banks to extend loans to entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses.

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Issues we address

  1. Income and employment among those living in poverty with a focus on rural communities

  2. The rising demand to finance the ‘missing middle’ (businesses that are too large for microfinance, too small to attract bank finance), with a non-exclusive focus on agricultural enterprises

  3. Local banks not adequately serving this segment of the market due to lack of banking history, documentation and collateral

  4. The gender lens investment approach, which can achieve social impact as well as improved sustainability of businesses

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Key Investment Criteria

  • Social impact: the business demonstrates a positive social impact in generating employment opportunities for low-income communities, as well as a commitment to addressing issues of gender inequality.

  • Track record: the business must have been in operation for at least 2 years and demonstrate capable management.

  • Financial capacity: the business earns sufficient revenue to cover all expenses within 3 years and demonstrates capacity to service any borrowings.

  • Legal identity: the business must be a legal entity (separate from the entrepreneur) with a clear ownership structure and capacity to take on debt and enter into legally binding contractual agreements.

  • Licensed: the business must be licensed by the relevant government authorities.

  • Do no harm: the business must have an ethical philosophy, and no material negative social, environmental or health impacts.

  • Investment amount and term: The amount of any single investment is generally between AUD25,000 and 250,000. Investment term is generally 3-5 years

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