Education & Skills Development

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lack of education and a life of poverty form a vicious circle.

So millions of rural poor, without the education or ability to support themselves, cannot afford to send their children to school.  To break this cycle, people need access to basic training that provides them with the practical skills to earn a living, manage money, and build financial or household assets.

Good Return’s training curriculum builds on knowledge transfer to develop capability. Simply put, learning about savings will not help anyone until they actually start to put aside money, be it in a tin box or a newly set up account. Attending a course is just the beginning. The real change happens when participants apply their learning, adopt new attitudes and change their behaviours for the long term.

We work with our microfinance institution (MFI) partners to assess training needs in their communities, design learning materials, train their trainers, and provide ongoing monitoring, coaching, and support.

Our Village Trainers love what they do, because they can see the positive impact of their training on the participants. Our trainers often become role models and leaders in their own communities.

Here are the four Village Trainers who let us follow them through their working journey. Read their stories to find out about their challenges, joy, and hope at work and in life.

Good Return helps build the capacity of MFI partners to deliver training that enables their clients to improve their financial well-being and livelihood. Over the past year, we have been able to develop MFI staff and many former clients into teachers who deliver high quality training to clients. As new skills improve their capability and well-being, we assist our partners as they strive to meet both financial and social performance goals.

In the 2015-2018 planing period we intend to further develop our training curriculum, teaching materials and delivery methods. With a focus on financial education and agricultural skill training, we will continue to expand our ‘faculty’ of MFI staff and client trainers.

Good Return provided technical support for our training, especially on financial literacy, which has proved extremely beneficial to our clients who once held little know-how on everyday banking transactions and the benefits of savings. We can see the benefits the training has had on our clients. Their savings are increasing, withdrawals are becoming less frequent. People are modifying their spending habits and there are behavioural changes occurring not only at the household level but in the community.
— Luzviminda Coronado, Managing Director of SECDEP