A behaviour change journey

Good Return’s CAFE Initiative aims to improve the wellbeing of low income populations by boosting their financial capability and as a result, their self-confidence. The program supports local Financial Service Providers (FSPs) and consumers working together to strengthen client protection and responsible money management, ultimately enhancing the financial wellbeing of low-income households. That’s why we name one of our most successful programs Consumer Awareness and Financial Empowerment - or simply, CAFE.

Using curricula and tools focused on behavioural change, CAFE training enables learners to use new-found skills and knowledge creatively, so that they can experiment with different behaviours, and make tailored financial choices that enhance their overall wellbeing.

We design creative and engaging eLearning courses, activities, interactive exercises, and take-home challenges to support trainers in delivering the face-to-face training, and develop learner capability and confidence.

CAFE Financial Foundations & Applied

  • Targeting low literate women and men, mainly rural

  • 2 courses delivered over 20 weeks: Financial Foundations (for the most vulnerable) & Applied (for those with basic knowledge and awareness)

  • Group of 15 to 30 people

  • Adapted for medium to long term intervention

CAFE Financial Coaching

  • Identifies financial priorities, e.g. saving, debt reduction and planning for emergencies

  • 1-10 people (e.g. family groups, community groups)

  • 5-7 conversations/coaching sessions

  • Reflect on specific financial goals and encourage family dialogue

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In 2018, 2,980 learners completed F2F training across Cambodia and Nepal, and a further 2,903 remain in the program. CAFE Solomon Islands launched in 2018, and currently has 130 community members learning financial empowerment.


Samai’s Story

Samai was one of the 22% of Cambodians who don’t have access to a bank account to keep their money safe. She didn’t know how to manage her money, how to make educated decisions on loans, or save money for emergencies. When Samai’s husband fell from his motorcycle and injured his leg, leaving him unable to work, she felt beyond hope - until she joined the CAFE program.