Padma’s story: CAFE made me healthier!


Padma is one of the CAFE program participants in Nepal, who learned how to take control of her finances. An unexpected benefit of financial capability training for Padma was that she learnt how to adopt a healthier diet!

“I have always been fond of junk and market cooked food. Whenever I went outside the house, I used to have cold drinks and Chowmein (noodles). I knew it was not good for health as it caused me stomach ache at times, yet I could not stop myself from having it.” Padma explained.
Padma estimated that she spent roughly around NRs 500 (around $6.50 AUD) each month on junk food.

All of this changed once Padma started CAFE training. After completing the weekly money tracking exercise, Padma realised that she was spending an unnecessary amount on junk food which was also having an effect on her health. Inspired by the CAFE training, Padma began to reduce her junk food consumption. 

These days, when Padma wants a treat, she has the tools and skills to be smarter with her money. Instead of buying a single serving of noodles, now Padma knows that raw noodles are healthier and can be cooked at home. 

“Instead of spending NRs 50 ($0.65 AUD) for myself, my whole family enjoys the noodle at NRs 30 ($0.39 AUD) with some savings as well. Instead of soft drinks, I have shifted to Mohi (a yoghurt-based drink) available in my home. In addition to financial empowerment, CAFE made me healthier!” Padma laughs.

Next month, we’ll feature the story of Maiya, and how CAFE inspired her to create her own incense stick business.